Monday, April 6, 2015

The FIAT Family.

Make a statement that's unmistakably "you" with an abundance of FIAT 500 models to choose from, and a multitude of customization options -- over 500,000 in all.  Your FIAT Specialist will gladly guide you in choosing modern Italian design cues that put your best self forward.  And you'll delight in seeing  how your fellow FIAT 500 owners express themselves -- each one its own standout in a sea of sameness.
POP - Feisty, fun and for the people.  It's no coincidence that the FIAT 500 Pop draws parallels to its art-era namesake.  Pop's visual excitement is elevated by technical talents that turn driving into high art.  It;s not just a car.  It's a movement.
SPORT - Joy has a new MVP.  The FIAT 500 Sport is all about full-throttle living.  This is athletic driving derived from disciplined, streamlined design.  Spectators will be drawn to this Sport -- but its talents can only truly be appreciated with full participation.
TURBO - We know that some of you would add a dash of hot sauce to anything you order, so we put some on the table.  The FIAT 500 Turbo delivers that extra zing you've been craving -- along with a more aggressive stance and sport-tuned suspension.
LOUNGE - Sophisticates, this is your comfort zone.  This Lounge hearkens back to a time when extra attention was paid to attire, environs and manners.  The FIAT 500 spirit of irreverence and individuality lives here, but any rough edges are delightfully smoothed out.
CABRIO - This is the vehicle the open road was invented for.  Popping the FIAT 500 Cabrio top means sweeping views and unexpected freedom for all travelers -- even on the shortest everyday commute.

Have a look at the entire FIAT Italian Family

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