Wednesday, April 27, 2016

FIAT 124 Spider: Then and Now

The FIAT 124 Sport Spider was officially born in November of 1966, but didn't arrive on U.S soil until 1968, which quickly became the largest market for the little convertible.  Selling around 175,000 units here by the time production ended in 1985, Americans loved it and considered it to be the "most affordable sports car of its time".

Thirty years later, the all-new FIAT 124 Spider is back in Columbus, Ohio.  Hints of the classic 1960 roadster can be found on the:
- Side silhouette and fender surfaces
- Wide, hexagon-shaped upper grille
- Double-groove imprint on the hood
- Horizontal taillamps and boxy rear end

wide, hexagon-shaped upper grille

For more information about your FIAT 124 Spider in Columbus, Ohio or anywhere in the midwest, give us a call.  Bob-Boyd Alfa Romeo FIAT is here to help. 

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